Courses and lessons

Courses and lessons

Understand and learn ground and saddle techniques to better communicate with the horse

Natural riding lesson of Parelli Natural Horsemanship

Understand and learn techniques from the ground and on the saddle to better communicate with the horse by using our body language (what to do and when) other that understand how a horse thinks and acts.

A Parelli lesson is way more than a riding lesson because it teaches you 360° knowledge on how to move around the horse and on the horse, and why the horse reacts or moves in a certain way to our requests. What we do wrong and how to correct our posture, how to use our legs and hands to become really effective.

Classical riding lessons and Dressage lessons

are specific lessons focused on a precise topic. How to become precise, in harmony on the saddle and how to get fluidity in order to achieve quality work, and a relaxed, responsive horse. Starting from how to do a good ground work to develop the horse’s mind and body, up to the posture on the saddle and specific exercises on Dressage maneuvers.

Specific lesson on Problem Solving

The horse has problems with the bit, moves his head, moves the tongue too much, is nervous and tense, does not accept the bit, is not manageable on the ground, problems with saddling, rears and bucks exc. Horses and humans can develop so many kind of different problems which start slowly then can become very serious. Eric Berlanda can help you understand what is the problem, know what are the causes, and learn how to solve it.

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