Training and problem solving

Training and problem solving


As great horseman Pat Parelli says, “A good start is not something, it’s everything”.
Nothing more true than this. To train a young horse from the start through the principles of Horsemanship and Prelli Natural Horsemanship method, is the best thing a foal can experience. To get a good start, a natural start with no trauma for the horse is what we base our training idea on.

We refer to the principles of Parelli Natural Horsemanship in order for the horse to do all three gates with serenity, accept the human from the ground and on the saddle and accept the bit in the mouth with no resistance. From this point Eric can bring the horse to the next level of training, focusing on what the horse is going to do in his life, whether it’s jumping, dressage, reining, racing exc.

The minimum training time is two months in order to provide to the horse an appropriate time to become really confident, well behaved and serene together with the human.



Let’s assume that Parelli Natural Horsemanship is not a program to solve problems of the horse.

Parelli is a program especially formulated for us human beings, that is US learning and understanding how to handle and move with the horse. What we need to ask ourselves first is why the horse acts like this, why do I have this or that problem.

Many people who have a problem with their horse ask themselves how to solve it, what do I have to do to solve it.

The main question we need to start with is why my horse acts like this? What are the reasons why I find myself to have this or that problem and I can’t handle it any more? This can be a good start because always remember that if we have a problem with the horse, we are part of that problem.

Eric Berlanda Licensed Parelli Professional 2-star and Parelli student since more than 25 years, wants to help people to get a better relationship with the horse, explain how a horse acts and thinks and why. Also why a horse can become aggressive, scary, shy, bold or bites, kicks, bucks, pulls, moves the head exc.

All of these are common symptoms which can have different causes, in order to solve the problem we need to study the symptoms to get to the causes and start a programme aimed at putting together horse and rider.

We offer several custom packages and Eric can provide advice before starting the work with the horse in order to give the owner a clear program on the path to follow.



Each horse (and rider) is different from another therefore there are no standard formulas or packages, contact us for more information and to have a telephone or video advice

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